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Finding the Best Recruiters For You

Looking For a Recruiter: Do Your Homework

It's important to investigate the reputation of a search firm before doing business with them. Ask friends and colleagues for their suggestions and personal insights. If a recruiter calls you for a telephone interview, learn about the firm's credentials before you reveal any personal information. Narrow the field to a couple of recruiting firms, and try to meet with them face–to–face to learn more about each firm.

  1. Do these people understand the business I'm in or want to be in?
  2. Do these people care about my objectives?
  3. Do they provide a long–term perspective concerning my career?
  4. Do I want these people to represent me? Do they fit my image?

Once you find the recruiter or recruiters you'd like to work with, be sure to work closely with each recruiter to make sure you know exactly where your resume is being sent. It's also imperative to keep your recruiters up to date on your job leads and companies you've contacted on your own.

Finding the right type of recruiter for you

Ensure the most complete representation for yourself by registering with more than one search firm. It's best to use a large national search firm and one that conducts specialized searches in your desired geographic or functional location. Listed below are the four basic types of search firms:

  • General Search firms tend to be large. They often have multinational clients, do not specialize in any one area of management, and fill positions with a minimum $150K salary. They usually work on a "search–only" basis and are paid by the hiring firm whether they fill the position or not. They generally do respond to or keep your resume unless it fits a current or anticipated search.
  • Vertical or Boutique Specialists are often smaller in size; they specialize in one or two areas of management or industry. They handle jobs from lower through top level management, are frequently more accessible and usually respond to relevant candidates very quickly. The also offer the widest range of opportunities within a particular field. Tesar–Reynes is a vertical specialist
  • Employment Agencies often place clerical and administrative people. Some also attempt to merchandise good candidates into lower and middle management, but with limited results.
  • Freelance Recruiters are usually former professionals or consultants who have little recruiting experience. They often have a small network of clients with whom they will present your resume. Using freelance recruiters in not ideal because the chance of finding the perfect job with these recruiters and the probability that they will be in business the next time you are in the market for a new job is slim.