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Why Tesar–Reynes

Because of our focus and experience in all aspects of integrated Marketing Communications we have always worked with outstanding client leaders in Communications and Marketing.

We are genuinely interested in building long term relationships with both our clients and candidates. We visit our clients personally to understand their needs and culture. We also try to personally meet and interview all active candidates and learn about their personal traits and professional goals.

This attention to fit works: the people we place stay and grow. Our ongoing relationships enable us to provide candidates with opportunities, resources, resume evaluation and advice throughout their career.

A Specialty Search Firm

Tesar-Reynes has been one of the most respected and trusted integrated marketing and communications (IMC) search firm in the United States since 1982. We maintain a database of over 20,000 proven professionals, the vast majority of which are at the mid-to-senior management level.

Our search expertise, real world experience, industry knowledge and extensive network enable us to conduct successful searches in all areas of marketing and communications management.

Our clients--major corporations, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, and media and sales promotion companies -- turn to us because we understand how important it is to find the right person for the job. With our downtown Chicago headquarters and affiliates in other cities, Tesar-Reynes has a history of success placing professionals throughout the United States.

Multicultural Recruiting

Within our specialty of Integrated Marketing, Tesar- Reynes has always had a particular strength in multi-cultural search. Whether African American or Hispanic/Latino driven positions. We have filled dozens of positions on both agency and client sides at multi-cultural agencies, general market agencies needing to hire a person of color for specific marketing reasons, or clients needing someone who personally understands the multi-cultural market itself. Contact Bob Tesar at Bob@Tesar-Reynes.com for assistance.

Our Promise

Our goal, our promise, our mission, is to find the candidate that's right for you and right for the job. The right expertise, the right fit, the right potential. And for them, the right job, the right environment, and right opportunity.

Our approach takes time and attention, but the investment pays off. Take the time to develop a relationship with our search professionals, and when you determine you need candidates for a job, we'll know you and your company well enough to provide you with qualified, interested professionals with real potential. We thoroughly screen each candidate and only present our clients with the best candidates for the job – the candidates best suited for your needs.